Two international observers accredited by the Norway-based Rafto Foundation for Human Rights were today prevented from entering El Aaiún, Western Sahara.
Published 19 May 19

Nazha Elkhalidi filmed a street demonstration in December. Now, she is charged, and risks a severe punishment. Here, she is filming her own detention on Facebook Live. Trial tomorrow.

Published 17 March 19
Representatives from all nine political parties at the Norwegian parliament today established a friendship group for Western Sahara.
Published 05 March 19
The UN working group on Arbitrary Detention asks for the immediate release of human rights defender Mbarek Daoudi. Check our mini-report that gives the context.
Published 15 January 19

In 2015 and 2017, the Norwegian shipping company Spar Shipping transported two large cargos of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara to India. The company announced today that further trade from the territory is out of the question.

Published 11 January 19
Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs clarifies that the aviation agreement between Norway and Morocco cannot be applied to Western Sahara.
Published 30 December 18
The small group of states that prepare Western Sahara resolutions for the United Nations Security Council, the so-called 'Group of Friends for Western Sahara', refuses to allow friends of Western-Sahara be included in the group. Foreign Minister Søreide explains.
Published 10 June 18

The situation for the 19 Saharawi political prisoners known as the 'Gdeim Izik group' is increasingly worrisome.

Published 27 November 17

Former President-Rapporteur, United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, expresses deep concern after observing the court case against 24 human rights activists from the occupied parts of Western Sahara. 19 of the 24 Saharawis remain in jail.

Published 25 September 17
The detainees withdrew from the proceedings, along with their defense attorneys, on the 16th of May. New witnesses have appeared out of the blue, observers explain.
Published 18 May 17
The proceedings against the so-called Gdeim Izik political prisoners from occupied Western Sahara is again adjourned, and will recommence on the 8 May at the Court of Appeal in Salé, Morocco.
Published 29 March 17

Today Cheikh Banga, Eenama Asfari and Mohammed Babait gave their testimonies. Just like the previous days the questions they were asked were in direct violations of the Torture Convention. The court was adjourned until Monday 27th of March.
Published 24 March 17
On day 10 Hassan Dah, Abdallahi Lakfawni and Mohamed Embarch Lefkir, testified in front of the court. Interruptions and humiliating questions were frequent and the testimonies are in violation of the Torture Convention, says international observer.

Published 22 March 17
Today Abdallahi Toubali, Sidahmed Lemjeyid and El Bachir Khadda gave their testimonies in front of the court. Toubali was asked to sign two documents with his eyes shut during the testimony. This to prove he was blindfolded while signing his confession.
Published 22 March 17