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Join Amnesty campaign for the Saharawi prisonersgdeim_izik_trial_510.jpg
01.09 - 2016 13:20
Two dozen Saharawi activists have been jailed for 6 years after demanding socio-economic rights. Join Amnesty's campaign demanding their release.
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Kosmos Energy misinforms about Western Sahara and OECD27.08 - 2016
The US oil company Kosmos Energy is severely misrepresenting a joint-declaration which the OECD Contact Point in Norway mediated between the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara and the fishing company Sjøvik AS.Read more
New report on need for referendum in Western Sahara07.06 - 2016
The Norwegian student association SAIH just published a report on the need of a referendum on independence in Western Sahara. Read more

Sultana Khaya beaten by Moroccan police again14.05 - 2016
Yet again, the Saharawi activist Sultana Khaya has been beaten by Moroccan police. Read more
Norwegian investor excluded Total due to Western Sahara involvement25.03 - 2016
The Norwegian insurance company Storebrand has blacklisted both phosphate and oil companies involved in occupied Western Sahara. Among them are the French company Total, which are now back in from the cold after they withdrew from the territory. Read more

European Democrat Students ask for self-determination for Saharawis18.03 - 2016
20 February 2016, the student organisation of the European Peoples Party (EPP) passed a resolution calling for the right to self-determination in occupied Western Sahara.  
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UN torture rapporteur welcome, but not12.03 - 2016
The UN Special Rapporteur on torture is warmly welcome to Morocco. But only after October 2016, when he is leaving office.Read more
Ex UN rapporteur deplores HR situation in Western Sahara jails11.03 - 2016
Former chair of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Mads Andenæs, calls the human rights situation in Western Sahara 'very depressing'. Read more

Norwegian pension fund blacklists San Leon over Western Sahara05.03 - 2016
Today, the Norwegian government pension fund excluded San Leon Energy Plc from its investment portfolios.Read more
Hunger striking to demand education15.02 - 2016
Ali Salem Tamek, a well-known human rights defender from Western Sahara, is undertaking an open-ended hunger strike to demand his right to a university education – something he claims the Moroccan government is barring him from.
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All Norway's youth parties gathered for referendum in Western Sahara04.02 - 2016

All 9 Norwegian youth parties today met in front of the Moroccan embassy in Oslo, demanding a referendum on independence for Western Sahara.
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Person number 68 detained and expelled from Western Sahara 20.01 - 2016
The only foreigner who managed to not be expelled from Western Sahara this week, Kim Runar Gjelstenli, has today been expelled, after Moroccan police entered into the house in which he was hiding.Read more
68 foreign visitors refused access to Western Sahara last 2 days19.01 - 2016
From Sunday noon to Wednesday afternoon, 68 foreign visitors to Western Sahara have either been detained after arrival to occupied Western Sahara or stopped upon trying to enter. All deported.Read more

"Norwegians and Swedes are not allowed to stay in Morocco"19.01 - 2016
Tuesday afternoon, another four Norwegians were denied entry to Western Sahara. The total number of people expelled from Western Sahara - or denied access to the territory - has now reached 67. They received a peculiar explanation. Read more
Four Norwegians, one Lithuanian denied entry to occupied Sahara18.01 - 2016
Urte Sniaukstaite with Lithuanian-Norwegian citzenship, and four other Norwegians, were this evening stopped in a police control on their way in to Western Sahara, and refused to drive any further. While the police has locked their car into a garage, the group is now located in a hotel in Tan Tan.Read more

Ten more Norwegians expelled from Western Saharakarijordsaanum_510.jpg
18.01 - 2016
After several days as tourists in Dakhla, the students Kenneth Karijord and Håvard Saanum were expelled from the occupied Western Sahara this morning. Eight others were also expelled from Western Sahara today.
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VP of Norwegian Labour Youth deported from South Morocco18.01 - 2016
Ten Norwegians, including the vice-president of Norwegian Labour Youth, was few hours ago deported from South Morocco. Read more
Swede, Norwegian tried to visit Western Sahara, asked to "go home"18.01 - 2016
A Swedish and Norwegian citizen were this morning detained by Moroccan police in a check point near Guelmim in southern Morocco, on their way to occupied Western Sahara. Read more

Seven Norwegians deported from South Morocco 18.01 - 2016
Eva Charlotte Berner from Progress Party Youth and Håvard Skogerbø from Changemaker were two of seven Norwegians who at 02:45 AM Monday morning were stopped by Moroccan police and deported northwards from South Morocco. The groups intended to visit occupied Western Sahara. Read more
3 more Norwegians and a Polish expelled from occupied territory 17.01 - 2016
Nine Norwegians were expelled from Western Sahara this morning. Later today two young politicians from the Green Youth and two hobby photographers suffered the same fate. Of the four, three were Norwegians, one Polish citizen.Read more

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24.12 - 2015Western Sahara plunder shipment caused stir in Norway


Since 1975, three quarters of the territory of Western Sahara has been occupied by Morocco. A majority of the population is still living in refugee camps in Algeria. Those who remained in their homeland are subjected to serious harassment from the Moroccan occupiers. For more than 40 years the Sahrawis have been waiting for the fullfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.

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