More fish dumped from former Norwegian fishing vessel
Published 13 May 16

Western Sahara Resource Watch last week wrote about a new case of a former Norwegian vessel discarding fish in occupied Western Sahara. 

The export of old Norwegian fishing vessels to Western Sahara constitutes a large problem, according to Greenpeace. A substantial part of the private fisheries fleet in occupied Western Sahara consists of old Norwegian fishing vessels. In 2014 The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara wrote about the vessel Adrar, former Bømmelbas, which had dumped 1000 tonnes of sardines in 2013. 

The new case of discards took place earlier this year, from the vessel Buland (ex-Røttingøy). 

Both Røttingøy and Bømmelbas had been used by Moroccan generals with licences in Western Sahara. 

Audun Maråk, CEO of the Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Association, told the newspaper, FiskeribladetFiskaren on 10 May told: 

“I have commented on this issue before. Our association do not wish to see that Norwegian fisheries industry is associated with such illegal acts, particularly when no Norwegian players are involved". 

UN experts urge Morocco to release imprisoned Sahrawi journalist

On 7 June 2019, videos began to circulate showing Moroccan police brutally beating up a Saharawi journalist in occupied Western Sahara. Today, a UN opinion calling for his release from prison was made public. 

07 February 21

Sultana has spent two months in house arrest

The Saharawi activist Sultana Khaya and her family has for almost 10 weeks been harrassed by Moroccan police when leaving or entering their home in occupied Western Sahara. Help us to denounce. 

26 January 21

Disappeared Saharawi prisoner reappeared, still in isolation

The political prisoner Elhafed Iaazza is no longer missing in jail, but remains in total isolation, on the 10th week. “I will kill you”, prison director told him today. 

23 December 20

Norway concerned about recent developments in Western Sahara

In a letter to Norwegian civil society today, the Norwegian minister of foreign affairs expressed that self-determination for the people of Western Sahara must constitute the basis for the solution to the conflict. 

15 December 20