Demands Ministry to reconsider phraseology
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The General Assembly of the Norwegian Labour Party's Oslo Constituency, 7th-8th March 2008, demands that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls Western Sahara an occupied country.
Published 12 March 2008

The following text was adopted by the Assembly.

Freedom for Africa's last colony

The Oslo Labour Party supports the Sahrawi people's struggle for independence and self-determination.

We are concerned that the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has changed its perception of Morocco's presence in Western Sahara from one of 'œoccupation' to that of 'an unclear judicial situation'.

We demand that the Ministry immediately reverts to its former position on Western Sahara by referring to it as it in reality is: illegally occupied.

The Oslo Labour Party is of the opinion that Norway and the International Community can no longer accept Morocco's delaying tactics regarding a referendum and the continual harassment of the Sahrawi population.

The Oslo Labour Party makes the following requests to the Norwegian Government:

  • Increase efforts to prevent Norwegian businesses participating in the occupied Western Sahara.
  • To raise the question of the human rights situation for the Sahrawi people with Moroccan Authorities.
  • Demand that Morocco releases all political prisoners.
  • Take an offensive position in working towards an extension of MINURSO's mandate to also include surveillance of the human rights situation in Western Sahara
  • A more stabilised form of increased assistance to the refugee camps in Algeria.
  • Emphasise that Western Sahara, today, is occupied by Morocco.

    Translated to English by the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara.
    See Norwegian original here.

  • UN human rights expert decries “clampdown” on human rights defenders

    Morocco must stop targeting human rights defenders and journalists standing up for human rights in Western Sahara, and allow them to work without reprisals, UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, said today.

    01 July 2021

    Sultana's home raided by police, activists arrested

    In an early morning raid today, masked agents terrorized and assaulted the home of the Saharawi human rights defender Sultana Khaya, stole belongings and took three activists to an undisclosed location.

    10 May 2021

    UN experts urge Morocco to release imprisoned Sahrawi journalist

    On 7 June 2019, videos began to circulate showing Moroccan police brutally beating up a Saharawi journalist in occupied Western Sahara. Today, a UN opinion calling for his release from prison was made public. 

    07 February 2021

    Sultana has spent two months in house arrest

    The Saharawi activist Sultana Khaya and her family has for almost 10 weeks been harrassed by Moroccan police when leaving or entering their home in occupied Western Sahara. Help us to denounce. 

    26 January 2021