68 foreign visitors refused access to Western Sahara last 2 days
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From Sunday noon to Wednesday afternoon, 68 foreign visitors to Western Sahara have either been detained after arrival to occupied Western Sahara or stopped upon trying to enter. All deported.

Published 19 January 2016

Above: Around half of the expelled people gathered in Agadir after being expelled to that city yesterday. 

The expulsion of 68 foreigners happened in 22 different incidents. They were from Norway (61 people), Sweden, the Netherlands, Lithuania, US, Canada and Poland. 

Different reasons were given by the Moroccan police as to the reason of expulsion or refusal of entry. These were: 


  • Confidential reasons which only the police know
  • Rental cars are not allowed to drive so far south
  • Because El Aaiun is a big city and one can get lost
  • Street fights and security concerns
  • Because it is much nicer in Agadir and there are nice hotels to visit in Marrakech
  • God has said so
  • Terrorism
  • That such a large number of Norwegian visitors had created a situation further south making it impossible to have more Norwegians visiting
  • Political visits are not allowed
  • Because new regulations have been introduced
  • Because it is forbidden
  • Norwegians and Swedes are not allowed to stay in Morocco

    Incident 1
    Time: 17 Jan, noon 
    Place: El Aaiun police checkpoint
    Amalie Willoch Njaastad, Norway
    Thea Willoch Njaastad, Norway

    Incident 2 
    Time: 17 Jan, noon 
    Place: El Aaiun checkpoint
    Ingrid Rabbe Larsen, Norway
    Kristin Rabbe Larsen, Norway

    Incident 3
    Time: 17 Jan, noon 
    Place: El Aaiun checkpoint
    Inga Marie Nymo Riseth, Norway
    Kerime Sarai van Opijnen, the Netherlands
    Aslak Bjørge Hermstad, Norway
    Martine Jahre, Norway
    Julie Kristine Wood, Norway
    Heidi Kristiansen, Norway

    Incident 4
    Time: 17 Jan, 1PM
    Place: El Aaiun, police checkpoint
    Tess Espey, Canada
    Michael Foster, USA

    Incident 5
    Time: 17 Jan, 2PM
    Place: El Aaiun, police checkpoint
    Margit Fausko, Norway
    Martin Ellingsen, Norway

    Incident 6
    Time: 17 Jan, 2PM
    Place: El Aaiun beach 
    Dagmara Wojtanowicz, Poland
    Mali Galaaen Røsseth, Norway

    Incident 7 
    Time: 17 Jan, 6:30 and 8:00 PM
    Place: Tan Tan and Guelmim police checkpoints
    Olav Strøm, Norway
    Lasse Fredheim, Norway
    Madelaine Jensen, Norway
    Morten Følling, Norway
    Ådne Madsen, Norway

    Incident 8
    Time: 18 Jan, 02:45 AM
    Place: Guelmim police checkpoint
    Maren Marie Wilhelmsen, Norway
    Eirik Torblå, Norway
    Espen Wennerberg, Norway
    Marius Holst, Norway
    Heidi Bergestig, Norway

    Incident 9
    Time: 18 Jan, 02:45 AM
    Place: Guelmim police checkpoint
    Eva Berner, Norway
    Håvard Skogerbø, Norway

    Incident 10
    Time: 18 Jan, morning
    Place: El Aaiun, police checkpoint
    Håvard Sagbakken Saanum, Norway
    Kenneth Karijord, Norway

    Incident 11
    Time: 18 Jan, approx. 04:00
    Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
    Anne Hilde Hagland, Norway
    Tove Liljeholm, Sweden

    Incident 12
    Time: 18 Jan, 05:40
    Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
    Natalie Milde, Norway
    Rikke With Bergseth, Norway
    Vilde Stokken, Norway
    Kristin Hustrulid, Norway
    Beathe Sognnes, Norway
    Emilie Bersaas, Norway

    Incident 13
    Time: 18 Jan, 05:40
    Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
    Kai Arne Hustveit, Norway
    Helga Hustveit, Norway

    Incident 14
    Time: 18 Jan, 05:40
    Place: Guelmim, police checkpoint
    Helle Lohnås Engeset, Norway
    Casper Johansen, Norway

    Incident 15
    Time: 18 Jan, 9AM
    Place: El Aaiun, police checkpoint
    Hilde Nord Anglevik, Norway
    Sunniva Folgen Høiskar, Norway
    Ulrikke Thomsen, Norway
    Mathilde Bålsrud Mjelva, Norway 
    Tora Regina Myrvang Deglum, Norway
    Hanna Hagebø Steffenak, Norway
    Maja Fjellvær Thompson, Norway

    Incident 16
    Time: 18 Jan
    Place: Hotel Salwan, El Aaiun
    Kristian Tonning Riise, Norway

    Incident 17
    Time: 18 Jan, approx. 4PM
    Place: El Aaiun, police checkpoint
    Fujan Parsa, Norway

    Incident 18
    Time: 18 Jan, 5PM
    Place: Tan Tan, police checkpoint
    Sara Shafighi, Norway
    Frida Johansen, Norway
    Priya Kaur Bains, Norway
    Kristin Iversen, Norway
    Urte Sniaukstaite, Norway/Lithuania

    Incident 19
    Time: 18 January in the evening
    Place: Tan Tan checkpoint
    Erlend Svardal Bøe, Norway
    Heidi Fuglesang , Norway
    Hedvig Heyerdahl, Norway
    Ingrid Hopp, Norway

    Incident 20
    Time: 19 January, 02:45
    Place: Guelmim checkpoint
    André Didden, Norway
    Hedda Østgaard, Norway
    Karl Ruben Gaasø, Norway

    Incident 21
    Time: 19 Jan, 16:00
    Place: Guelmim checkpoint
    Mathias Melø Haugen, Norway
    Nils Eivind Holth Landrø, Norway
    Håvard Røsæg, Norway
    Andreas Lillebråten, Norway

    Incident 22
    Time: 20 Jan, 13:50 
    Place: From a house in El Aaiun
    Kim Runar Gjelstenli, Norway

    This article was first published on 19th January, and updated on 20th January following the latest expulsion.

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