Refugee Demonstration against Norwegian Fisheries

See pictures and video here.

Published 02 July 2009

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Read more about the Sahrawi refugees' demonstration against the Norwegian fishery company Sjøvik at VG Nett.

An unedited version of the above video can be downloaded here.











The following is being said on the unedited version (which can be downloaded on the link above). 

00:00-00:06 "Free Western Sahara"
00:07-00:22 "Pirate ships, leave Western Sahara!"
00:54-00:56 "No to plundering of Western Sahara's natural resources\"
01:01-01:05 "Pirates, leave Western Sahara!"
01:12-01:17 "Thieves, leave Western Sahara!"
01:27-01:29 "The illegal exploitation of natural resources in Western Sahara…"
01:30-01:33 "... constitutes a theft against our people."
01:34-01:38 "All robber ships that fish and rob from our country must get out."
01:40-01:47 "Morocco, leave Western Sahara!"
01:48-01:49 "Thieves, leave Western Sahara!"

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