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Published 12 May 20

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P for Plunder 2020
-Morocco's exports of phosphates from occupied Western Sahara
Rapport, 48 sider, engelsk
Pris: Gratis
Utgitt av: Western Sahara Resource Watch
Utgitt: 2020. 
Rapporten utgis årlig. 
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Fred i sikte?
Rapport, 20 sider, norsk
Pris: Gratis
Skrevet av Christian Ranheim for SAIH.
Utgitt: 2016.
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Occupied Country - Displaced People
Bok, 20 sider, engelsk
Pris: Gratis
Skrevet av Flyktninghjelpen.
Utgitt: 2014.
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Sahara no se vende
Hefte, 20 sider, engelsk.
Pris: Gratis.
Skrevet av Nina Taugbøl og Maria Dyveke Styve.
Utgitt: 2010
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A Norwegian Hope Journey
Bok, 40 sider, engelsk
Skrevet av Asria Mohamed Taleb
Utgitt: 2011.
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International Law and the Question of Western Sahara
Bok (352 s.), engelsk
Pris: 200,- Porto: 60,-
Redaktører: Pedro Pinto Leite og Karin Arts
Utgitt: 2007
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The Western Sahara conflict: The Role of Natural Resources in Decolonization
Hefte, 32 sider, engelsk
Utgitt av Nordiska Afrikainstitutet (2006)
Redaktør: Claes Olsson. Bidrag av Pedro Pinto Leite, Claes Olsson, Magnus Schöldtz, Pål Wrange, Hans Corell, Karin Scheele.
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The corona virus has arrived the Saharawi refugee camps

After strict measures for several month, the pandemic has now arrived the vulnerable Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria. 

24 July 20

Follow the latest news on corona in Western Sahara

We compile the latest news about the corona crisis in occupied Western Sahara and in the refugee camps. LATEST: The corona virus has arrived the refugee camps in Algeria. 

07 July 20

Explosive corona increase in occupied Western Sahara

After Moroccan settlers in the fisheries industry returned from Morocco to occupied Western Sahara, the number of positive corona patients in the territory has increased with 8250 percent in less than a week. 

26 June 20

New report tells the stories of imprisoned Saharawi students in Moroccan jails

“A prison is normally filled with constant noise from all the prisoners. But not Ait Melloul. In Ait Melloul the silence is terrorizing you and only broken by the screams of prisoners getting tortured.” Our new report tells the story of a group of prisoners that the UN asks to be released. 

10 June 20