Moroccan police seen throwing stones, again

More than a hundred persons are said to have been injured in Western Sahara's capital, observing the UN Human Rights day and frustrated over EU's new illegal fisheries agreement with Morocco in their waters. Videos keep coming in. See series.

Published 12 December 2013

The demonstrators called for right to self-determination. On 10 December, they were met by Moroccan forces. Several injured, including a group of foreign activists from the Canary Islands, who were later set free. 

The local hospital received more than 90 injured following the demonstrations on 10 December, according to Associated Press. A journalist from AP, Paul Shamme, was present at some of the demonstrations, but he was removed by Moroccan security personnel. 

Se videos below: 

Here is from a large demonstration in the Tantan street in El Aaiún, 11 December. 

Some activists from the Canary Islands also took part in the demonstrations. They are wearing orange tshirts. From 04:21, the Spaniards are detained: 

Here is another video of the same demonstration. 

Here, demonstrators are attacked by Moroccan security personnel, and beaten:

This is apparently a video of the US journalist Paul Shamme, stopped by Moroccans, prevented from reporting. 

Demo from 8 December:


The woman who reprimanded a judge

We have talked to human rights activist Mahfouda, who recently was sentenced to six months in a Moroccan prison for reprimanding a judge.  

02 November 2021

UN human rights expert decries “clampdown” on human rights defenders

Morocco must stop targeting human rights defenders and journalists standing up for human rights in Western Sahara, and allow them to work without reprisals, UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, said today.

01 July 2021

Sultana's home raided by police, activists arrested

In an early morning raid today, masked agents terrorized and assaulted the home of the Saharawi human rights defender Sultana Khaya, stole belongings and took three activists to an undisclosed location.

10 May 2021

UN experts urge Morocco to release imprisoned Sahrawi journalist

On 7 June 2019, videos began to circulate showing Moroccan police brutally beating up a Saharawi journalist in occupied Western Sahara. Today, a UN opinion calling for his release from prison was made public. 

07 February 2021