Guidelines for comments on our Facebook page

Guidelines for leaving comments on The Support Committee's Facebook page.

Published 30 November 15

The Support Commitee's social media platforms exist to contribute to a constructive dialogue. If your comment gives added value to the conversation, we will accept its content. 

The Support Committe reserves all rights to delete comments that:
*Are posted in another language than English or Norwegian.
*Are not relevant for the topic in question.
*Contain innapropriate language.
*Refer to third person in a negatve way.
*Have been posted repeatedly from other sites or pages.

The Support Committee reserve all rights to delete users who:
*Leave comments that are defamatory, such as claims of committing crimes.
*Publish comments that violate Norwegian law.
*Regularly post comments that are not relevant for the stories on our page.
*Use inappropriate language, even after being warned.
*Post from fake or anonymous profiles. All comments are to be posted from profiles with correct names.
*Post spam or commercial content. Spam includes potings copied from other sites or users. 

The Support Committe reserves the right to delete comments and block users without prior warning and explanations apart from having violated these guidelines.

Disappeared Saharawi prisoner reappeared, still in isolation

The political prisoner Elhafed Iaazza is no longer missing in jail, but remains in total isolation, on the 10th week. “I will kill you”, prison director told him today. 

23 December 20

Norway concerned about recent developments in Western Sahara

In a letter to Norwegian civil society today, the Norwegian minister of foreign affairs expressed that self-determination for the people of Western Sahara must constitute the basis for the solution to the conflict. 

15 December 20

Detention of former Saharawi political prisoner found illegal by UN experts

The Saharawi human rights defender Ali Saadouni was illegally imprisoned, unlawfully judged and tortured by Moroccan authorities for putting up Western Sahara flags in a roundabout. This is the conclusion of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in a decision published today. 

11 December 20

Protect journalists in Western Sahara, organisations warn

Sahrawi journalists reporting on the massive crackdown against civilians in occupied Western Sahara are themselves facing repression and arbitrary arrest by Moroccan forces, according to a report and public appeal by four organisations.

04 December 20