Danish Conservative Youth expresses its support
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The Danish Youth of the Conservative Party adopts a resolution in favour of Western Sahara in its annual congress, 15th-16th of March, 2008.
Published 21 March 2008

This text was approced by the Annual Congress:

Free Western Sahara

Since 1975, the majority of the country of Western Sahara has been illegally occupied by Morocco. As result more than half of the Saharawi population have been driven out of the country and now live at refugees camps in Algeria.

Thousands of Moroccan soldiers oppress on daily basis the remaining population and isolate them from the surrounding world with the help of more than thousand kilometers long wall. Also Morocco has, contrary to the international law, moved many of its own population into Western Sahara, and has continuously arrested and abused Saharawi political prisoners. Torture and other human rights violations have frequently perpetrated against the Saharawi prisoners in Moroccan prisons.

It's time that Denmark expresses clearly its demands to Morocco and supports the Saharawi people in its non violent struggle to free Western Sahara.

The fishing agreements between EU and Morocco are absurd, which give the EU the possibility to exploit the natural resources of Western Sahara.

The Conservative Youth supports the Saharawi people’s right for self-determination and its liberation, and considers that the International Community should respond more strongly towards Morocco and cancel the agreements in the occupied region.

Therefore the Danish Youth of the Conservative Party considers that:

  • Denmark should demand Morocco to release the political prisoners of Western Sahara;
  • Denmark should work actively to extend the mandate of the MINURSO to monitor the human rights in Western Sahara;
  • Denmark should work actively that the European Union cancel the commercial agreements exploiting the occupied region;
  • The Moroccan soldiers should withdraw from Western Sahara and the Saharawi refugees should have the possibility to return to their land;
  • The European Union should make pressure on Morocco to recognize Western Sahara as an independent country.
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