Then they drew it right
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After having called Western Sahara a part of Morocco for years, the organisers of Paris-Dakar rally finally succeeded in drawing a correct map. See the route for 2008.
Published 25 November 07

The annual Paris-Dakar rally has for several years crossed Western Sahara. The first part goes through the area north of the city of Smara, under Moroccan occupation. The second part goes through the Polisario-controlled parts of Western Sahara for a few kilometers before the competitors enter Mauritania.

But for several years the organisers of the event have failed to name Western Sahara an independent country, to the anger of Polisario.

But now the map designer has finally got the picture right.

Download the route for 2008 here.

The rally takes place in January 2008.

At right, a competitor crosses the wall that goes through Western Sahara. The crossing is done at a place where the wall is on its lowest.

Explosive corona increase in occupied Western Sahara

After Moroccan settlers in the fisheries industry returned from Morocco to occupied Western Sahara, the number of positive corona patients in the territory has increased with 8250 percent in less than a week. 

26 June 20

Follow the latest news on corona in Western Sahara

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11 June 20

New report tells the stories of imprisoned Saharawi students in Moroccan jails

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10 June 20

Norwegian gas transport avoids Western Sahara at last minute

A vessel transporting Norwegian gas was supposed to arrrive in occupied Western Sahara tomorrow, but has now steered away last minute, as ordered by the exporter in Norway.

06 June 20