Amidane's closest family is arrested
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Mother and two sisters arrested.

Published 10 November 2007

Elkouria Amidane (22) is on a visit to Norway to talk about the violations of human rights in occupied Western Sahara.

This afternoon, while she was in a meeting in Oslo, she got the news that her entire family has been arrested.

Her mother and two sisters was detained this afternoon and taken away in a Landrover. They have still not been released.

"According to a neighbour of me, the house has now been totally shattered", Amidane said.

The imprisoned from Amidane's family are:
Her mother: Fatima Amidane (41)
Her sister: Minatu Amidane (24)
her sister: Meimuna (14)

They had previously taken part in a demonstration earlier today.

Amidane also have a younger brother, El Ouali Amidane. He this summer received a sentence of five years in prison, which he now serves.

"Five police cars arrived at my house, in addition to several policemen which patrolled the area at the time. Some of the policemen came in through the door at the roof so that my family could not escape", she said.

In addition, two of her younger sisters friends have been arrested a) Khavat, a 14 year old student in junior high-school and b) Said Yahdih Aliwa, which is also a student in junior high-school.

Amidane's neighbour, Ghalina ment Barhah, is also arrested. Ghalina had a spontaneous abortion after being tortured previously this year.

A demonstration will be held in front of the Moroccan embassy in Holtegata 28, Oslo Saturday 10th at 14.00.

For more information regarding the demonstration please contact Jørn Henriksen at +47 95161741.

Download group photo of Elkouria Amidane with her arrested family members here. 

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