Norwegians expelled from Morocco
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At 11:30 PM the two Norwegians Diego Vaula Foss and Hans Inge Alander were told by Moroccan authorities that they are expelled from Morocco - probably because they had met with people from occupied Western Sahara.
Published 25 January 2017

A little past 10 PM, Wednesday, local time in Morocco, Diego Vaula Foss and Hans Inge Alander landed at Casablanca airport after having been deported with a flight from occupied Western Sahara.

The deportation from Western Sahara had happened since they, according to police, were carrying too little cash, and that the ATM machines in the city were not functioning.

In Casablanca, the duo was met by Moroccan police.

"We were just stopped in Casablanca and told to leave the country asap. No reason", Foss wrote to the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara at approx 11:40 tonight.

"We'll come back with more info when we are not surrounded by police", he continued.

There might be two main reasons for their expulsion. Either as they took part as international observers - together with approximately 50 other Norwegians - in a trial in Rabat against Saharawi political prisoners.

Or, it could be because they tried to travel into Western Sahara.

"We are now negotiating to not have to pay for the expulsion tickets ourselves. He wanted to keep us here until we had our original return tickets if we didn't. But I got him to reconsider, so now he is on the phone with someone."

"We are running out of power on our phones, but will keep you updated".

"We're sitting at the airport in Casablanca and will be deported without reason. What is it that Morocco is so desperate to hide that they don't want me in their country, and can't tell me why?", Foss wrote in a message to the Support Committee.

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