Deported with a flight from occupied Western Sahara
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The two Norwegians Hans Inge Alander and Diego Alexander Vaula Foss are deported by Moroccan authorities on a flight from the occupied Western Sahara against their will, after having flown in this afternoon.
Published 25 January 2017

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Around 5 PM, on 25 January 2017, Mr. Hans Hans Inge Alander and Diego Alexander Vaula Foss, both Norwegians, arrived the airport of El Aaiun, Western Sahara, and were detained by the police until all other passengers had left the airport.

The two Norwegians were told they were not welcome into the territory.

The duo is now being deported with the first flight from Western Sahara and northwards in Morocco.

"They told we did not bring enough cash to stay here, and claimed that none of the ATMs in the are out of order", Mr. Foss told on telephone from the airport. "This was the only reason they gave us".

The two had flown in from Casablanca in the north of Morocco after having participated as observers on a trial against Saharawi political prisoners. The purpose of the travel to El Aaiun in Western Sahara was to meet local human rights defenders and to learn more about the living conditions in the occupied territory.

"It is incredible that Morocco is so scared for allowing us to remain in the occupied territories. They must really have a strong wish to keep the situation of the Saharawi people hidden", Vaula Foss.

"It is saddening to be thrown out, as it underlines the suppression of the freedom of speech and movement by Morocco", he stated.

"Morocco is a beautiful country with friendly people and a rich culture. But this is totally overshadowed by the occupation and the suppression of the Saharawi people", Alander told in a phone from the airport in El Aaiun, Western Sahara.

52 people have been deported or refused access to Western Sahara over the last 4 days.

Morocco has also expelled half of the UN troops and territory. Last year, they denied the UN secretary-general access to Western Sahara. Over the last years they have also refused the UN special envoy to Western Sahara to travel to Western Sahara.

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