Norwegians expelled from Western Sahara
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A group of three Norwegians that travelled to occupied Western Sahara yesterday, is at this moment being expelled from Western Sahara.

Published 09 May 2013

Photo (from the left), Lise Resvold (24), Ingar Langli (28), Matilde Uggerud (21).

Three Norwegians yesterday, 8 May 2013, arrived Western Sahara to observe the human rights violations in the territory. The stay lasted for less than 24 hours. 

Ten civilian dressed police officers at 09:00 AM local time today, 9 May 2013, showed up in the hotel where the three were staying. Now, two hours later, the group is in a civilian police car in direction Agadir, Morocco. 

The group consists of Lise Resvold, student from Stavanger, Ingar Langli, industry worker from Sunndalsøra and Matilde Uggerud, student from Oslo. 

The police told the group they were expelled due to their own safety, and that they would be arrested if they did not do as they were told. 

"After we arrived Western Sahara yesterday, we have been constantly shadowed by the Moroccan police" stated Ingar Langli on phone from the car. 

25 April, France blocked a US-British suggestion in the UN Security Council to allow the UN force in Western Sahara to monitor the human rights violations in the territory. The suggestion came after a concern expressed by UN Secretary-General. Morocco condemned the suggestion, and convinced its close ally France to object to it, as they have done in the past. The result is that the UN operation is one of the few in the world without such a mandate. 

Following the resolution, the Saharawis took to the streets. The capital city El Aaiun have been witness to the largest demonstrations ever during the last two weeks, with subsequent violations committed towards the Saharawis. UN Secretary-General has called for international visits to the territory. 

"The Saharawis we met last night described serious violations after having participated in the demonstrations. It is a tragedy that this peaceful struggle do not get more attention. It is about time that Morocco allows international delegations freely visit the occupied territories", Langli stated on phone. 

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