Norway defended Saharawi organisation right in UN

The Norwegian representatives in Geneva today underlined the need for Morocco respecting that Saharawi organisations are allowed to formally register.

Published 22 May 2012

“We recommend that the procedures regarding registration of registration of civil society organizations, including for the organizations advocating for the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination, to be in conformity with international human right standards”, stated the Norwegian government in the UN Human Rights Council today, 22 May. 

Several Saharawi civil society organisations have the last years been denied to register formally. This applies to among others the leading human rights networks CODESA and ASVDH. 

The statement came in relation to Morocco's evaluation in the Human Rights Council's so-called UPR process, that is taking place every four years. 

Saharawi political prisoners file legal complaint against Morocco

A group of Saharawi political prisoners today filed a legal complaint against Morocco in to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. 

01 July 2022

Imprisoned student on hunger strike

The Saharawi student activist Mohammed Layichi has been on hunger strike for almost a month. 

09 June 2022

Friendship group for Western Sahara established in the Norwegian parliament

A group of friends for Western Sahara consisting of representatives from all nine political parties was established today in the Norwegian parliament

01 June 2022

Report: Aquaculture industry needs to improve sustainability

What is being done to prevent that Norwegian salmon production undermines food security in West Africa? The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara has challenged Norway's 40 largest aquaculture companies. 

24 May 2022