27 Oct: Western Sahara conference in Bergen
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Big names arriving Bergen: A former UN top official, a former Rafto Award Laureate, important academics. Come to Western Sahara conference 27 October! Conference language: English.
Published 23 October 2011

Won't you make a day-time conference?
At 7 PM, the same evening, 27 October, there will be film screening and debate at Storelogen, Kvarteret, Bergen. The film, 'El Problema' (2010) was secretely filmed in occupied Western Sahara over a four year period. After the film, we'll have a debate with former Rafto Laureate Sidi Mohamed Daddach.
Organised by SAIH Bergen and the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara.
The film and the conference is part of the International Week in Bergen. See programme for the while week here
Western Sahara; when international law meets realpolitik.

Western Sahara remains the last colony of Africa. Autumn of 2011, 20 years have passed since the UN operation MINURSO arrived occupied Western Sahara. The operation has as a mandate to arrange a referendum on the territory’s independence. But even though the Saharawis have international law on their side, the referendum has not yet taken place. Where did international law go? Is the people of Western Sahara victim of the superpowers putting their own interest before law?

Place: Bergen, Auditorium, Dragefjellet, DR:A2
Time: Thursday 27 October 2011, 10:00-13:30

* Italian Francesco Bastagli was UN secretary-general Kofi Annan's right hand until he resigned in protest in 2006. As Special Representative he was chief of the UN force that had the referendum on independence as its mission.
* Human rights activist Sidi Mohamed Daddach arrives directly from occupied Western Sahara. He is former laureate of the Rafto Award and has spent near half his life in Moroccan jails.
* Expert in international law, Dr. Jur and Associate professor at Diakonhjemmet University College, Hans Morten Haugen.
* Jennifer M. Murphy, who recently completed her PhD in peace studies at James 1 University, Spain. Murphy has a speciality on the realpolitik in the Western Sahara issue.
* Arne Øi, leader of UN Association, section Western Norway.

Free lunch if you register on info@vest-sahara.no prior to 26 Oct at 12:00

Organised by: The UN Association, The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, SAIH Bergen
Conference language: English.

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