Freedom and democracy in the Arab world
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The Norwegian Support Committee of Western Sahara supports the struggle for democracy across the Arab world. Dictators and security forces have for too long dominated the region and suppressed the peoples' call for freedom.

Published 31 March 2011

From Western Sahara to Syria and Iran peaceful demonstrators have been met with violence and oppression. This is unacceptable and a brutal breach of fundamental human rights. 

The protests started outside El Aaiún, the capital of Western Sahara, in late October 2010. In a protest camp set up in the occupied territory, around 20 000 Saharawi demonstrated against the marginalisation and discrimination they encounter in their own country. On 8 November 2010 the Moroccan security forces attacked the camp with brutal force. This resulted in large street battles all over occupied Western Sahara where a large proportion of the Saharawi population participated. Several people were killed.

The protests in Western Sahara are still ongoing, as in most of the Arab world. The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara expresses its solidarity with all people who seek freedom and democracy in a peaceful way. We support the Moroccan 20 February movement's demands for democratic reforms. The people of both Morocco and Western Sahara are ruled by an undemocratic regime. We call on the Moroccan government to not attack protesters and start sweeping democratic reforms. 

The dictators that attack their own people in Libya, Yemen and Syria, are not leaders of their people, but despots that holds them down.

We call on leaders in all Arab nations and Iran to call free elections, start democratic reforms and respect human rights. 

This resolution was adopted by the annual assembly of The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara on 26 March. 

UN body requests Morocco to immediately release Western Sahara journalist

In a recent published decision of 1 April 2024, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention requested the immediate release of the young Saharawi journalist Khatri Dadda.

05 April 2024

The Wolf In Charge of the Lamb

The occupying power Morocco, which sabotages the work of the UN Human Rights Council in occupied Western Sahara, has begun its first session after being elected to preside the Council.  

29 February 2024

​​Morocco elected new president of the UN Human Rights Council

Today, Morocco was elected to chair the UN Human Rights Council. The result generated strong reactions.

10 January 2024

Morocco runs for presidency of UN Human Rights Council

"The credibility of the UN system is at stake", says the Norwegian Support Committee about this week's election of a new presidency of the Human Rights Council. Norwegian organizations are critical of the candidacy.

08 January 2024