Polisario asks UN to monitor human rights violations
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The violations of human rights committed by the Moroccan authorities on the Sahrawis in the occupied territories continues. Polisario now urges the UN to start monitoring all the violations. They even welcome UN monitoring of the refugee camps they themselves administer.
Published 07 April 2010

In a press conference in Brussels 6 April, Polisario negotiator Mhammed Khadad, stated that the liberation movement wishes the UN to start monitoring and reporting of human rights violations in Western Sahara.

Polisario also requests UN monitoring of the conditions in their refugee camps in Algeria.

The UN operation in the territory, MINURSO do not have as a mandate to report home to New York about all the violations of human rights they are witness to in Western Sahara. This means that MINURSO is the only UN operation in the world without such a mandate.

The reason is that the occupying power in Western Sahara, Morocco, with good help of the Security Council member France, continuously prevents the Security Council in giving such a mandate to the UN force.

Several governments, such as Norway, have expressed their wish to see such an extension of the mandate.

"We are ready to accept monitoring of the human rights in the refugee camps as well as in the areas of Western Sahara under Polisario control, and we ask Morocco to do the same. This is an important element in order to create trust between the parties", said Khadad during the conference.

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